About Us

The Records Continuum Research Group (RCRG) has been exploring and contributing to archival and recordkeeping research and education since its establishment in the early nineties. From the design and development of curriculum which positions recordkeeping as a vital component of data and information management and governance, through to ground-breaking collaborative research projects, such as the SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Project (1999-2002), the Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project (2003-2006), the Trust and Technology Project (2004-2008) and the Connecting the Disconnected Research Program (2015-2018), the RCRG is a focal point for the national and international community of researchers, educators and practitioners exploring and using continuum conceptualisations of recordkeeping. 

The RCRG investigates archival practice and theory from a continuum perspective as well as the social and practical impacts of such an approach on communities, individuals and organisations. The expertise of the RCRG includes people from a variety of academic, professional and community backgrounds. The inclusive and diverse nature of the RCRG can be seen in the variety of projects and publications it produces which range from the highly technical to the social and philosophical. Members of the RCRG have also played key roles in developing national and international recordkeeping, metadata and archival standards.

The RCRG is taking an open access approach to the publication of its work wherever possible so as to act as a focal point for engagement with Records Continuum thinking, discourse, research, education and practice. We are aiming to maintain a publication archive that can be utilized by researchers, educators and professionals worldwide.