Publications - HOWTO

The RCRG web site uses Zotero web services to provide reference lists throughout the site.  Reference lists can be included in content articles, wiki and notes pages, as well as blog and forum posts.  This page is intended as a quick HOWTO guide for the use of this facility.  If you have any further questions or feature requests, please use the tickets/wishlist facilities to provide feedback.

Zotero Groups

References are obtained from zotero groups.  The default zotero group is the RCRG Publications group that contains the bibliographic entries for the continuum-related publications deposited into the Monash library repository.  If you wish to reference publications in another group, you will need to know the group ID, known by a zotero group manager.  This is explained below.

Zotero Tags

Reference lists are included in content pages of all types by specifying a zotero tag of the form:

{zot:<type> <arguments...>}

The tag types are explained as follows:


The simplest tag is that which returns all publications within a group.  For example:


To reference all publications in a group other than the default, use the zotgroup argument

{zot:all zotgroup:123456}

Zotero group IDs can only be viewed by owners of the Zotero group.  For example, when viewing the group's settings, the ID will be displayed in the URL.


The zotgroup argument can be used in conjunction with any type.  For example:

{zot:author McKemmish, S. zotgroup:123456}


To filter a reference list to only display publications by a particular author, use the author type.  The author name argument is of the form "<surname>, <initial>.". for example:

{zot:author McKemmish, S.}


To display a single publication use the item type.

{zot:item WRTDSCDC}

The Item ID argument can be seen from a display of the item within Zotero.


To filter a reference list to only display publications by a particular member of the RCRG web site, use the member type.  For example:

{zot:member 1006}

The member ID argument is shown in the URL when displaying a member's profile.

Linking members, groups and projects

Reference lists are aware of members, groups, projects and wiki pages.

In each reference item, authors of publications are linked to their wiki page if it exists on the site.

For example, in the following reference entry, Sue McKemmish is a member of the site, so her author's name becomes a link to her wiki page.

Associations with RCRG groups, projects, and wiki pages are achieved through the use of Zotero Tags.  These can be either

rcgroup:<group ID>


rcproject:<project ID>


rcwiki:<wiki page name>

To use this feature , the Zotero record should be tagged with one or more rcgroup, rcproject and/or rcwiki tags.  For example, a Zotero record with a rcgroup:seminars tag, results in a link to the Seminars group on the reference entry:

The group ID can be found from the list of groups on the site:


Similarly, the project ID can be found from the project display page:


And, the wiki page name can be found from the wiki page URL (or the edit page if you have access):



Reference lists may be filtered by group.  To display only publications tagged with a particular RCRG group use the group type:

{zot:group seminars}


Reference lists may be filtered by project.  To display only publications tagged with a particular RCRG project use the project type:

{zot:project crkmproject}


Reference lists may be filtered by wiki page name.  To display only publications tagged with a particular RCRG wiki page name use the wiki type:

{zot:wiki ConnectingtheDisconnectedResearchProgram}