Report 5. VERS – openEHR Mapping Commentary

By Rob Meredith

Monash University




A Mapping of the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Schema to openEHR

January, 2004

This document is a commentary on a comparison between the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) and the openEHR electronic health records standard. VERS documents the Victorian State Government’s requirements for electronic records submitted to the Public Records Office of Victoria, and forms the basis for otherelectronic records systems to be used by other branches of the Government.


Rob Meredith, School of Information Management & Systems, Monash University

Electronic Health Records: Achieving an Effective and Ethical Legal and Recordkeeping Framework (2002 - 2004)

Discovery Grant, DP0208109 2002-05

School of Law Deakin University

School of Information Management and Systems, Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Law Monash University, Australia