Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema Version 1.0

By Sue McKemmish1, Glenda Acland2, Kate Cumming3, Barbara Reed4, Nigel Ward1

1. Monash University 2. Research Consultant 3. State Records NSW 4. Recordkeeping Systems Pty Ltd




The Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema (RKMS) is the main deliverable from the 1998-99 SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Research Project. The RKMS provides:

  • a standardised set of structured recordkeeping metadata elements;
  • a framework for developing and specifying recordkeeping metadata standards;
  • a framework for reading or mapping metadata sets in ways which can enable their semantic interoperability by establishing equivalences and correspondences that can provide the basis for semi-automated translation between metadata schemas.


Source and Acknowledgement: The Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema (2000) is the main deliverable of a 1997-98 Monash University SPIRT Project, Archival Metadata Standards for Managing and Accessing Information Resources in Networked Environments over Time for Government, Social and Cultural Purposes. Principal Chief Investigators: Professor Sue McKemmish, Monash University, Ann Pederson, University of NSW, and Steve Stuckey, National Archives of Australia. It was funded by the Australian Research Council and a consortium of industry partners, the National Archives of Australia, State Records Authority of NSW, Queensland State Archives and the Records Management Association of Australia, and supported by the Distributed Systems Technology Centre.