Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project Final Report

By Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project

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The final report of the Clever Recordkeeping Metadata (CRKM) Project (2003-2006) details the agile, iterative, rapid prototyping techniques employed in the development of a proof-of-concept Metadata Broker featuring recordkeeping metadata translation and registry services functionality. The prototyping process enabled exploration of issues regarding implementation environments and infrastructures to support recordkeeping metadata re-use and interoperability. The related PhD thesis, Building Capacities for Recordkeeping Metadata Interoperability, explores these requirements for recordkeeping metadata interoperability in depth.

The results of the research reveal how the limitations of current recordkeeping standards and practices that are predominantly still operating within the paper paradigm inhibit realisation of the full potential of recordkeeping metadata as a business tool. Recordkeeping practices and recordkeeping metadata schemas are yet to be fully transformed to meet the requirements of the emerging technical environments.

The CRKM Project demonstrates the immediate utility, but limited functionality, of essentially hard-wired metadata translation services to current recordkeeping problems. It also illustrates the potentially much greater utility of recordkeeping metadata registry and brokerage services in emerging service oriented architectures. The lack of maturity of this emerging environment offers huge challenges, but also an opportunity for the recordkeeping community and academic contributors to be proactive in defining recordkeeping services, and the role of recordkeeping itself in this emerging environment in the short to medium term.