Flooded by a Wall of Water: Parent-Child Reminiscing about Local Environment and Unwanted Changes

By Mauro Sarrica

Sapienza - Università di Roma

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The aim of this presentation is to examine how the social sharing of family memories (Halbwachs, 1950) links autobiographical memories and social representations (Leone, 2006;Reese & Fivush, 2008).

In this study, we explored whether and how the representations of place-community relationship developed during a long-lasting environmental conflict, are transmitted to younger generations.

We used non-intrusive observation of parent-child conversations while remembering family episodes related to community life together, and we integrated for the first time generative semiotic analysis, and methods borrowed from research on the social making of autobiographical memory.

The results shed new light on the way “we absorb social representations, starting in infancy, together with other elements of our culture and with our mother tongue” (Moscovici & Markova, 2000). The analysis of interactions gives further insights into how family and community memories are connected.

Mauro Sarrica

(with Alice Roseti, Sonia Brondi, Pierluigi Cervelli, Giovanna Leone, Department of Communication and Social Research, Sapienza University, Rome)


29 October 2015


Mauro Sarrica, PhD in Personality and Social Psychology (University of Padua), is adjunct professor of Social Psychology and Communication Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome.

His main interests are in environmental psychology, social construction of knowledge, and peace psychology. He is currently working on sustainable energy communities in Italy, social representations of ICTs and robotics, and the intergenerational transmission of shared memories-