Report 2. Recordkeeping, Legal and Ethical Principles and Requirements for HealthConnect: Template V1.0

By Livia Iacovino

Monash University




July 2005/Amended July 2008

The recordkeeping, legal and ethics principles in this governance template are based on the ‘warrants’ of these disciplines. Potential conflicts between
recordkeeping principles and legal or ethical ones have been noted, for example, the privacy principle that requires the deletion of inaccurate personal data, personal identifiers that need to be persistently linked to the record for authenticity purposes, and technical preservation processes that may be deemed as ‘further processing’ that may breach privacy. On the other hand, there are strong arguments for insisting that the fundamental right to privacy should be adhered to in shared health records systems.


Livia Iacovino, Caulfield School of Information Technology, Monash University

Electronic Health Records: Achieving an Effective and Ethical Legal and Recordkeeping Framework (2002 - 2004)

Discovery Grant, DP0208109 2002-05

School of Law Deakin University

School of Information Management and Systems, Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Law Monash University, Australia