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  1. Report 2. Recordkeeping, Legal and Ethical Principles and Requirements for HealthConnect: Template V1.0

    Documents | Contributor(s): Livia Iacovino

    July 2005/Amended July 2008The recordkeeping, legal and ethics principles in this governance template are based on the ‘warrants’ of these disciplines. Potential conflicts betweenrecordkeeping principles and legal or ethical ones have been noted, for example, the privacy...

  2. Permeable Binaries, Societal Grand Challenges, and the Roles of the Twenty-first Century Archival and Recordkeeping Profession

    Documents | Contributor(s): Anne J. Gilliland

    Building upon recent work, this paper demonstrates how 21st century recordkeeping concerns are integral to societal grand challenges that have been identified by governments, think tanks, scholarly organisations and affected communities around the globe. Using the example of forced displacement...

  3. Test Resource

    Documents | Contributor(s): Greg Rolan

    A test resource

  4. Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project Final Report

    Documents | Contributor(s): Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project

    The final report of the Clever Recordkeeping Metadata (CRKM) Project (2003-2006) details the agile, iterative, rapid prototyping techniques employed in the development of a proof-of-concept Metadata Broker featuring recordkeeping metadata translation and registry services...

  5. Report 1. Report on a preliminary analysis of the dataflow(s) in HealthConnect system

    Documents | Contributor(s): Hans Hoffman

    ||Full Title:||Electronic Health Records: Achieving an effective and ethical legal and recordkeeping framework|| ||Dates:||2002 - 2004|| Electronic Health Records: Achieving an Effective and Ethical Legal and Recordkeeping Framework  

  6. Report 3. Recordkeeping Standards Analysis of HealthConnect

    Documents | Contributor(s): Barbara Reed

    June 2005This report represents the conclusions of a major analysis of the requirements of the HealthConnect Business Architecture. This analysis has been used to support a number of products for the research team. This report presents the conclusions in relation to the extent to...

  7. Report 4. Issues Arising from Analysis of the HealthConnect Business Architecture v1.9

    Documents | Contributor(s): Barbara Reed

    July 2005This report identifies a number of the issues that are raised from the analysis of the HealthConnect Business Architecture v 1.9. It consists of a brief description of the technical architecture of HealthConnect, followed by a discussion of a number of issues of concern.

  8. Report 5. VERS – openEHR Mapping Commentary

    Documents | Contributor(s): Rob Meredith

    A Mapping of the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Schema to openEHRJanuary, 2004This document is a commentary on a comparison between the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) and the openEHR electronic health records standard. VERS documents the Victorian State...

  9. Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema Version 1.0

    Documents | Contributor(s): Sue McKemmish, Glenda Acland, Kate Cumming, Barbara Reed, Nigel Ward

    The Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema (RKMS) is the main deliverable from the 1998-99 SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Research Project. The RKMS provides:a standardised set of structured recordkeeping metadata elements;a framework for developing and specifying recordkeeping metadata...

  10. Always Becoming Symposium Program

    Documents | Contributor(s): Records Continuum Research Group

    The detailed program for the Always Becoming Symposium on 16 September 2015. Features the background, agenda, participant list and responses to the key questions about most significant Records Continuum moment of the past 25 years, plus the key challenge for the next 25 years.