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  1. Report 2. Recordkeeping, Legal and Ethical Principles and Requirements for HealthConnect: Template V1.0

    | Documents | Contributor(s): Livia Iacovino

    July 2005/Amended July 2008 The recordkeeping, legal and ethics principles in this governance template are based on the ‘warrants’ of these disciplines. Potential conflicts...


  2. Report 3. Recordkeeping Standards Analysis of HealthConnect

    | Documents | Contributor(s): Barbara Reed

    June 2005 This report represents the conclusions of a major analysis of the requirements of the HealthConnect Business Architecture. This analysis has been used to support a number of...


  3. Report 4. Issues Arising from Analysis of the HealthConnect Business Architecture v1.9

    | Documents | Contributor(s): Barbara Reed

    July 2005 This report identifies a number of the issues that are raised from the analysis of the HealthConnect Business Architecture v 1.9. It consists of a brief description of the...


  4. Report 5. VERS – openEHR Mapping Commentary

    | Documents | Contributor(s): Rob Meredith

    A Mapping of the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Schema to openEHR January, 2004 This document is a commentary on a comparison between the Victorian Electronic Records...


  5. Report 1. Report on a preliminary analysis of the dataflow(s) in HealthConnect system

    | Documents | Contributor(s): Hans Hoffman

    ||Full Title:||Electronic Health Records: Achieving an effective and ethical legal and recordkeeping framework|| ||Dates:||2002 - 2004|| Electronic Health Records: Achieving an Effective and...