Archives And Collective Memory Workshop

Full Title: Archives and Collective Memory: Challenges and Issues in the Pluralised Archival Role
Dates: 3-5 August 2004

A 3 day intensive seminar presented by The Recordkeeping Institute and School of Information Management and Systems, Monash University.

Participants were: Glenda Acland, Cathy Ashton, David Bloomfield, Kim Burrell, Joanne Evans, Sue Fairbanks, Anne Gilliland, Bernadette Golding, Trevor Hart, Chris Hurley, Eric Ketelaar, Tony Leviston, Sigrid McCausland, Julie McCormack, Sue McKemmish, Michael Piggott, Barbara Reed, Fiona Ross, Peri Stewart, Deb Stumm, Frank Upward, Rachel U’Ren, and Stephen Yorke.

Program – Archives_and_Collective_Memory_Workshop_August_2004_Program.pdf (26 Kb)

Papers developed from the seminar were published as a special issue of Archives & Manuscripts on Collective Memory, Vol.33 No.1 May 2005, guest edited by Glenda Acland.

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