Iacovino, Livia


Dr Livia Iacovino is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics and a Principal Researcher in the Records Continuum Research Group, in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University . She has taught in the recordkeeping courses of the Faculty, and developed the legal and ethical curricula. Her research is focused on interdisciplinary perspectives of archival science, law and ethics; in particular ownership, access and privacy of networked electronic records. Livia has collaborated internationally as a Co-Chair of the Policy Research Group, International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES) Project, and as a consultant with the International Records Management Trust. She has been a Chief Investigator, for Electronic Health Records: Achieving an Effective and Ethical Legal and Recordkeeping Framework, an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, together with the Faculty of Law, Monash University and the School of Law , Deakin University. Livia’s awards include the Australian Society of Archivists Mander Jones Award 1999, and the Monash University Mollie Holman Medal of Excellence 2003 for her PhD thesis published in 2006 as, Recordkeeping, Ethics and Law: Regulatory Models, Participant Relationships and Rights and Responsibilities in the Online World.


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