SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Project - People

Full Title: SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Project
Dates: 1998 – 1999

Recordkeeping Metadata Research Team

Team Leader

  • Sue McKemmish, Monash University

Team Members

  • Glenda Acland, Research Consultant
  • Kate Cumming, State Records NSW
  • Barbara Reed, Consultant, Recordkeeping Systems Pty Ltd
  • Nigel Ward, DSTC Monash University

Industry Partners

  • National Archives of Australia
  • State Records Authority, NSW
  • ACA/ASA Descriptive Standards Committee

Reference Group

  • David Bearman, Archives and Museum Informatics
  • Linda Bird, DSTC
  • Adrian Cunningham, National Archives of Australia
  • Wendy Duff, University of Toronto
  • Anne Gilliland-Swetland, University of California
  • Hans Hofman, National Archives, Netherlands
  • Chris Hurley, National Archives of New Zealand
  • Tony Leviston, State Records NSW
  • John McDonald, National Archives of Canada
  • Nancy McGovern, Consultant & University College London
  • Dagmar Parer, ACA/ASA Descriptive Standards Committee
  • David Roberts, State Records Authority, NSW
  • Steve Stuckey, National Archives of Australia
  • Frank Upward, Monash University
  • Andrew Wilson, National Archives of Australia

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