SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Project - Publications

Full Title: SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Project
Dates: 1998 – 1999

Describing Records in Context in the Continuum: the Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema Archivaria (48) Fall 1999 Authors: Sue McKemmish, Glenda Acland, Nigel Ward and Barbara Reed

Metadata and ISO 9000 Compliance Information Management Journal 34 (1) January 2000 Authors: Sue McKemmish and Wendy Duff

Towards a Framework for Standardising Recordkeeping Metadata: The Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema Records Management Journal, UK, 9 (3) December 1999. Authors: Sue McKemmish, Glenda Acland and Barbara Reed

Documenting Business: The Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema Paper for ADCS’99, Australasian Document Computing Symposium, December 1999 Authors: Glenda Acland, Barbara Reed and Sue McKemmish

The End of the Beginning: The SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Project Paper for Archives at Risk: Accountability, Vulnerability and Credibility, 1999 Annual Conference of the Australian Society of Archivists, July 1999. Authors: Glenda Acland, Kate Cumming and Sue McKemmish An on-line presentation relating to the paper is also available.

Accessing Essential Evidence on the Web: Towards an Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Standard First published in The Web after a Decade: Proceedings of AusWeb99, the Fifth Australian World Wide Web Conference, April 1999. Authors: Sue McKemmish and Glenda Acland An on-line presentation including a narrated Case Study relating to the paper is also available.

Metadata Mania: Use of Metadata for Electronic Recordkeeping and Online Resource Discovery First published in Place, Interface and Cyberspace: Archives at the Edge, Proceedings of the 1998 Conference of the Australian Society of Archivists, Fremantle 6-8 August 1998. Authors: Sue McKemmish, Adrian Cunningham and Dagmar Parer

Towards Frameworks for Standardising Recordkeeping Metadata First published: Archives and Manuscripts, 26 (1) 1998. Authors: Sue McKemmish and Dagmar Parer

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